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India has a complex structure than all other countries in the world and therefore to implement something in this place, takes more time than required. What we observed from foreign organisations that are working for women is that, they are suitable for the topmost Indian cities but are difficult to penetrate through tier-two and tier-three cities of India. Therefore, we launched our own Indian project called “Girlscript” on 12th of February, 2017 with a WordPress Development Workshop.
It was the first workshop in which girls came out and the number of girls were more than double to that of male candidates and it gave us immense pleasure.
The workshop started with an inaugration ceremony by the head of institution of PIGCE, Nagpur. He also enlightened the students with his years of experience and knowledge. We also welcomed our mentors sir Nimish Mote- CEO, Weave Nagpur and 12 members from WordPress Meetup Community Nagpur._DSC0416 (1)
Before starting the session, the main motive of ours was to make students develop something on their own and we are happy that they ended up building their own blog website. There were students from 19 different colleges across Nagpur and it was great to see them learn and their happy faces. We first begin with the introduction of WordPress and how more than 27% of the websites are build using it. Also, we talked about Content Management System and the intention of the participants for attending the workshop. A small session on HTML and CSS was also taken to help the participants who are new to programming. Because of large number of mentors and coordinators, it was possible to observe each and every participant carefully and solve their problems. When the girls came up with their own website and thanked us for organizing such event, it was a pleasure hearing their feedback._DSC0489
We want to thank our Gold Sponsor ‘Human Made’ for their constant support and suggestions and for supporting this event with great enthusiasm. We also thank our Silver Sponsor ‘Devrix’ for helping us in making this event possible. Lastly, we would like to thank our Hosting Partner ‘thecore.io’ for so much help, suggestions and discussion regarding the event. Thank you Priyardarshani Indira Gandhi College of Engineering for the venue and hospitality that you have provided us for the workshop and for coordinating so well with us. Also, thanks to our Mentors, participants and GirlScript coordinators for making this workshop happen. _DSC0569
It is our immense pleasure to tell you that this 20th February, 2017 we are launching in another city of India in Bhopal. Our coordinators there are working really hard and it is also a WordPress Development Workshop. So, whoever is living in or near Bhopal, please go and attend the free workshop.

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