Why do we need to Learn to Code?

Why Do We Need to Learn to Code

Every human being on this world directly or indirectly connected to the modern society understands the impact of technology in our day to day life. And, what drives the technology, you ask? Computers and their systems, of course!

Firstly, since you have arrived at this blog, I can safely assume you are curious about coding! I’ll help you dispel some common misconceptions and doubts first-timers have related to coding, and also explain why it is so important to understand the art (Yes, art!) of coding.

Imagine a regular day of yours – you wake up, open your eyes, still asleep. If only that stupid mobile alarm could shut up?  You check your phone for any new WhatsApp messages or Facebook notifications from friends who are thousands of miles away from you. You laugh at that cat video they sent you! You finally get up, get your morning routine done, and sit in front of the television, eating breakfast. ISRO yet again launched a record number of satellites and you are able to see it live! Happy, you leave for studies/work.

In the 90 mins of your life I have written above, every single step is run by a bunch of code running in the background. The backbone of modern technology and human civilization is a bunch of text, which dictates our life! Now, as I have made clear the importance of code in our daily life- let us move on to the next obvious question- What is a code?

A code is a set of instructions which will be followed by the computer to do some task. Sounds complex? Would you be surprised if I told you that you were a coder even before you remember anything? As a baby, when you first began to walk, you fell many times. But after so many attempts, you understood how to lift one leg and put it forward. You provided instructions to yourself in steps. Now look at you, you have been walking since then!  

To every human, coding is as natural as thinking. We, computer scientists, code to make repeatable jobs easier for us. Instead of us humans repeating the same task over and over, we create instructions for the computer to do it for us. And that is it! You know what coding is!

As people who want to bring forward a change in our society, we need to use the tools the society is built upon. Coders are revolutionaries, who, behind the curtains, push forward the human race to newer and greater heights, and create a new world, one instruction at a time!

So you still ask me why do we need to code?

We code to change the world.

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