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An Interview with Khushbu Parakh: Her Success Story

It is true that taking a road to success isn’t an easy task and at times we need a push to make a move and stay focused. But the question is who will provide that push? There are people who are a true inspiration when it comes to getting ourselves motivated. There are people like us, who have achieved something different from us, not because they are born something different but they have a certain spark in them to stay focused and reach out for that success. Here, we have one such person who has achieved quite a lot in actually no age. The GirlScript team got an opportunity to have an interview session with Khushbu Parakh, an open source enthusiast who is also a mentor for google summer of code,& a member of grace hopper celebration committee. Let’s see what is her success story.

  • Hello Khushbu, what are you doing these days?

Hello, I am currently mentoring google summer of code in automated testing, and I am a committee member of software engineering track in Grace Hopper Community.

  • Why you chose computer science for higher studies? What are the things that fascinate you about computers?

Before choosing this field there was no preset idea but yeah I always loved to play with computers and had a curiosity to know more about it. The thing that fascinates me about computers is, it broadens the way one thinks and work and makes life much simpler. Codes are fun to deal with.

  • Why open source? How you became passionate about contributing to open source?

I started with open source in my last year of graduation and it’s been 2 years now. I entered into open source mainly through Google summer of codes. It provided me a great platform to explore more into this. I got great mentors who always helped and motivated me.

  • Please tell us something about your talks in various international platforms? How was your experience?

Recently I had a session in Django Italy and previously there was a session at Pycon US and PYcon Italy (Otto). That was really a great experience. The community and organizations helped me a lot. Usually, we are doubtful of people out there to help us, but I always got a great support. Yeah, that was a really nice experience in all.

  • How technology in India differs from abroad?

There are not many difference and almost similar works. Here the culture of research differs. Yeah most people out, contribute more towards the Open source. Rest things are not very different if we talk about technologies. They are just advanced in their techniques.

  • In India, girls opt for computer science as a field of study but don’t go for making a career in it. According to you what might be the reason behind it?

I feel that one should be passionate about the field they choose. Girls are not so passionate enough Indiadia about computer science. Moreover being a graduate from India itself, I can say that this can be due to the college system. The atmosphere in colleges is not refreshing and enthusiastic. They should motivate to go for this field in their future. I guess there is a lack of motivation for girls.

  • Any Tips that you would like to give for beginners in Open Source or computer science?

Learn whatever you want to, be an explorer. Try contributing to open source. Open stack organizations could be a great help. One should always be prepared for grabbing the opportunities. Newbies the n Open source should really go for google summer of codes it might actually help.

  • Recently published your interview, how does this achievement feel?

It was a great experience and it felt great to connect with them. You know it’s always good to make connections and I already had a few connections there. That is a really great group of highly enthusiastic people. It felt great talking to them.

  • Just the last question, did you like the idea of GirlScript? Will it work in India? What is your opinion?

I have always felt an urge in supporting women to come up in the technical field and it is really great to see you people doing this job. I am sure this will help many of them out there and you should keep doing this. It is really great to see you all working towards the betterment and I have always and will support. Yes, it will surely work here as there are people who lack the means of knowledge and if you are intended to help them this will surely work.