Essential Skills To Become A Security Ninja

The Fundamental Skills

Basic Computer Skills

These skills go beyond the ability to create a Word document or cruise the Internet. You need to be able to use the command line in Windows, edit the registry, and set up your networking parameters.

Networking Skills

The basics of networking, such as the following.

  • DHCP
  • NAT
  • Subnetting
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • Public v Private IP
  • DNS
  • Routers and switches
  • VLANs
  • OSI model
  • MAC addressing
  • ARP

Linux Skills

It is extremely critical to develop Linux skills to become a information security Ninja. Nearly all the tools we use are developed for Linux and Linux gives us capabilities that we don’t have using Windows.

Wireshark or Tcpdump

Wireshark is the most widely used sniffer/protocol analyzer, while tcpdump is a command line sniffer/protocol analyzer. Both can be extraordinarily useful in analyzing TCP/IP traffic and attacks.


A virtual environment provides you a safe environment to test and refine your hacks before going live with them.

VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation

Security Concepts & Technologies

The only way to overcome the roadblocks established by the security admins is to be familiar with them. The hacker must understand such things as PKI (public key infrastructure), SSL (secure sockets layer), IDS (intrusion detection system), firewalls, etc.

Intermediate and Advanced skills to be followed up in next parts

And we will do primer on each and every thing mentioned ..

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