• What is GirlScript?

GirlScript is a Non-Profit Organization to support women in technology. Although, it is open for all irrespective of age, gender, religion or nationality.

  • What do we do at GirlScript?

We work together at GirlScript with mainly 3 objectives:

  1. Imparting Knowledge: We mainly want to spread knowledge to all, everyone who’s passionate about technology.
  2. Bringing Opportunities: Our main target is tier-two and tier-three cities of India, where it is difficult to get information about any scholarship, fellowship etc. Since we are open for all, just subscribe to our newsletter and get opportunities in your inbox.
  3. Connecting world: GirlScript is a unique platform to connect students with mentors who are from different parts of the world and are passionate for sharing their ideas and knowledge.
  • How do work at GirlScript?

We have an awesome team of tech experts who want to spread their knowledge. GirlScript is also selected by Mozilla for Open Leadership Training Program 2017.

  • What can you do in GirlScript?

You can help by spreading the word for Girlscript. You can also orgainise events under GirlScript foundation to establish a GirlScript chapter in your city. Here at GirlScript we learn from each other and teach everyone.

  • How can I register for volunteering?

You can head up to Join us section of our website, fill up the form and Get in touch with us. You can also contact us on our very active social media handles.