India is a country with largest youth population and there are millions of opportunities available for them in the outside world. Although sometimes what we see is, these large numbers of opportunities reach only to a fraction of people. Therefore, it is our responsibility to convey them a message about the things we might be aware of. Specially, people from tier-two and tier-three cities have to travel, spend more money and time in order to learn something new.

Django Girls Nagpur img_7346was an initiative taken to improvise the conditions in Nagpur, which is again one of the tier-two cities. Before Django Girls Nagpur Workshop, not a single open programming workshop took place in Nagpur and therefore it caught eyes of many people. Well, Django Girls is an international, non-profit that organise free one day programming workshop for women. The workshop consists of 40-60 female participants or more who never programmed before.img_7382

The first ever Django Girls Nagpur Workshop took place on 22nd of January, 2017 at The Chaos Theory, Nagpur. We got 100+ registrations from 9+ cities across India and only 40 out of them were selected to attend the workshop. The registrations started back on 30th of November, 2016. The overwhelming response that we received from people here, made us really happy and proud.img_7383

We are open source lovers and therefore we also collaborated with Mozilla India to promote open source and web literacy. After the Inauguration, an interactive session for an hour was conducted by Mr Tripad Mishra, who is an active contributor of open source. He told them about various websites and cool tools that are open source and the girls loved it.  After that, the girls who never programmed were taken on a long journey to write HTML code. It was really great watching the happiness on their face when they developed their first webpage. Thanks to Mr Nimish Mote, who made this session colorful and interactive. We also served breakfast and lunch to the girls and distributed t-shirt and goodies provided by our partners and sponsors. After Lunch, Mr Jason Estibeiro organised a brainstorming session on Django and Python. The girls felt proud writing their code in Python and at the end, with the help of HTML, CSS, Python and Django; they came up with a beautiful blog website.img_7417

Conducting such a huge event is not an easy job but when people start supporting you, it becomes a cake walk. We really appreciate and thank all of our partners and sponsors. Thank you ‘GitHub’ for sponsoring this event and sending those cool stickers, those were really awesome. Thank you ‘Digital Ocean’ for becoming our Cloud Partner and providing the girls cloud credits, girls really found your gift useful. Thank you ‘JetBrains’ for providing coupons to access your tools for free, it made our work easier. Thank you so much ‘Mozilla’ for supporting us and sending that cool box full of goodies, girls loved all the stickers, bands, t-shirt etc. Also, big thanks to our event partners O Reilly Media and Lean in India Chapter. All of you made this event beautiful and successful. Big thanks to our Volunteers and all the Mentors. Last but most important, Thank you Django Girls Foundation, you made this event possible and gave us a moment of happiness and proud. We hope to continue your belief in us!


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